It has finally happened! A few days ago I finally got to my Twitch Affiliate status. It is your first milestone when it comes to streaming. The affiliate status allows you to get rewarded for entertaining the crowd by gaining subscribers. The subscribers gain benefits too, less ads, custom emotes, and in some channels special chat privileges. Now that I have reached this level, it’s time to get more serious about my content. So what is changing? First is the channel layout.

I have begun work on hiring a graphic artist to make some banners, icons, overlays to make the channel look more appealing. I unfortunately do not have a shred of artistic ability so I’m getting some help. This is a big step for me as I am investing in someone to get my vision and hope they understand it. In a few weeks I hope it will be complete and uploaded for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Next change, the schedule.

Making a schedule is one of the hardest parts for me. I need to make sure I have time set aside for the family and my own time plus I’m going back to school. That will eat up more of my time but I’m dedicated to stream whenever I can. Right now the channel plan is this, to stream new releases and write reviews. I plan on using most of my week playing the new release game chosen for the month then have at least one day a week with a variety type game to mix it up a bit. The days though I still have to figure out. Tentative days will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s but when school begins later this month we’re going to see a change. Stay tuned!

I have more plans for the channel I’m still working on such as giveaways, loyalty bonuses, sub bonuses and much more but the basic foundation has to be set and once that’s done more will be announced. I thank you for reading and if you have any comments or ideas to share please do so.

Have yourselves a wonderful day.