Today released one of the best games of the Onimusha series Warlords. This game was released by Capcom back in 2002 on Playstation and was considered a great hit. The game plays much like the old Resident Evil games. You have a fixed camera and you move your character around the room. I remember playing this game in the past and I never finished it. Now that Capcom has remastered the game with this re-release I have a chance to finish what I started.

You are Samanosuke, a ronin samurai with no ties to any lord. The boards of the Warlord Nobunaga lay siege against a rival clan kidnapping the Princess Yuki. Samanosuke is charged to save the princess only to find Nobunaga’s army is not what it seems. He commands a legion of demons that terrorize the land. With the help of the ancient Ogres, your given a gauntlet with the capability to absorb the the souls of slain demons. These souls are used to empower your weapons, heal your body, and use magic channels through your weapon.

The game has old school elements of Resident Evil. It has fixed camera angles that are usually behind you as you move. It can be difficult to see enemies in the same room until you advance. Though a common use in games back when Onimusha debuted in 2002 but rarely seen in recent games. You have to keep a sharp eye as there are many hidden chest around and due to the camera angles can be hard to spot.

The voice acting has been done well but the talking animations are a bit off. They never fixed this from the original. The graphics are ok for a remaster. There are items that are brightly colored but can be hard to spot. The coloring of these items are slightly off so paying attention is a must.

You level up three kinds of blades linked to three gems you collect linked to your gauntlet. Each blade has a different ability. One has a single target lightning strike, good for bosses and hard monsters. The second is a fire blade that is great to hit monsters in a straight line of sight. The blade itself is slower but hits harder. The last is the double based air blade. It’s fast and does an AOE cone attack around the player.

Each gem has to be leveled up to be able to unlock certain doors in the area. I chose to make sure I had each gem maxed out to three before concentrating on leveling the weapons.

The gameplay is hard to get used to with the mouse and keyboard option. Your mouse pointer is always present and you have to use the keyboard to move around. When you been a PC gamer as long as I have you think you can turn with the mouse but nope! I kept messing up and getting hurt pretty badly. This game is still best with a controller in hand.

Overall, it was enjoyable and there is still a little difficulty with the game. You need good timing, and a joy for puzzles as there are plenty. You need to figure them out to get boosts to your health and power bars. Good adaption for a remake overall.