This past weekend I got a chance to play the new came by EA games and BioWare, Anthem! The VIP demo weekend was good fun and gave some insight as to what to expect from this highly anticipated title.

The day started off like any normal beta type game, bug! Mostly the server capacity was full for most of the afternoon of launch. This was not too much an issue as servers were expanded. Now people of course got into an uproar but with a few weeks before launch of course there are going to be issues. By that evening I personally only had one login issue and no full servers.


When you first started your boosted to level 10 with a cap of 15 so I am sure the start of the actual game will be different. You’re in a camp on this planet where it’s protected by armored suits known as Javelins. You’re a pilot and you can free walk around the camp to purchase items, get missions, and upgrade your Javelin. What annoyed me was no sprint! You walk so slow in town. The town itself is static and you only see yourself and the NPC’s but when you get into the open world, there is where you find other players.

The graphics are done very well. The outside world is almost like flying around an Avatar like world with high mountains and deep canyons with lakes and streams. Hidden cities and wildlife wander about and move with some realism. The voice acting is done very well as are the animations behind it. The lips match the words.


I was able to play two of the four starting frames, the Ranger and the Colossus.  The Ranger is the starting javelin designed to be a jack of all trades.  It has a rechargeable shield, is rather maneuverable and a good design for whatever build you want.  You can develop a direct damage build with heavy weapons, maneuver and fight at ranged with sniper rifles, or get up close and personal and use melee attacks to shock your enemies pull back and get combo damage.

The Colossus is a heavy frame designed to take large amounts of damage and has access to one of the heaviest weapons available, the autocannon.  The autocannon revolves so if you aim first the chambers will start to spin up and when at full power can fire devastating chains of bullets to cut down groups of enemies or heavy damage to a single target.  The recoil is hard and needs time to get used to.  This javelin had a shield but unlike the Ranger, you have to active it.  It’s an actual shield the colossus deploys for protection which you can run and fly with for protection.  I found it great to close the gap on an enemy then you can use the shield to bash an enemy for a nice amount of damage.  The shield has is own hit point so when its depleted the shield breaks but it does recharge rather quickly.  There are some specific support options you can use with this javelin like the ability to draw aggro upon yourself so your team can concentrate their efforts on killing.  Being the heaviest frame it is much slower and has less maneuvering ability.


There are a large range of weapons you can choose from and find in the game.  You have heavy pistols, standard pistols, a few kinds of machine guns such as the Savage that has a heavy rate of fire to bust type weapons with better recoil.  Sniper rifles have become my favorite so single shot to semi automatic with varying scope ranges.  Pistols have a decent punch i noticed with little recoil.  You can carry two firearms on the javelin so you cn mix and match styles.  I went with a machine gun and sniper rifle myself.

Support items vary with each frame.  The Ranger has grenades that go from direct damage frag grenades, to freezing grenades as well as direct energy blasts.  The Ranger has shields they can erect such as the bulwark which protects you and your allies rom damage to shields that increase your damage output when your within the field.  The Colossus has mortars that can do AOE damage to groups of enemies and shield boosting capabilities for itself and the team.  There are more weapons available and I honestly did not get the chance to try them all so the types of builds for each frame are vast.

Items work on the old concept of colored rarity.  White items ae considered common, green uncommon, blue are rare and I believe their will be purple epics.  Their is a crafting system so you can salvage items you no longer need for materials.  The open world has farmable nodes as well that can be used for crafting.

Their is open world play where you can just explore and find world events to join for loot and experience.  Other players will be in the open world which you can join in on but PvP will not be available at launch.  We believe their will be later on but there is no new information on this.

Strongholds are the games dungeons where you que up and join a team of four to complete.  The demo had one stronghold available that had multiple objectives until you reach the end boss.  I will not give away spoilers but the strongholds were very challenging which was a relief as I personally enjoy challanging content.

Overall I am excited to play this game upon release and I will be streaming it on my Twitch channel.  As part of the EA Premier subscription you get an early access to the game a week early.  I hope this was informative and gets you excited for this new title.  Please comment, ask questions if you have any.

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