It is here!  Early access to Tom Clancys Division 2 has launched and I could not be happier.  I of course decided tro purchade trhe gold pack in order to get early access to the game and i have to say I am already enjoying the game immensly.

The story continues bringing you to the nations capital seven months after the first devision, Washington DC.  The area is riddled with gangs that have taken control of certain sectors of the  nations capital, though settlements have started to grow and thrive.  You are brought in on a priority one message to come assist the remaining division agents and help fight back against the gangs and be “the new sheriff in town.”

Washinghton Momument

I will not give up much of the story as it is better for you to experience this yourself, but I will talk about some of the differences I have noticed from its predicessor and what I have enjoyed about the game thus far.

The graphics and scenery are to die for.  A really good job was done replicating Washington DC into a wasteland in turmoil.  Overgrown foiliage, wild dogs and deer roam trhe streets as you wander looking for your next mission or hunting down gang leaders and their followers.  Weather changes occure, the first division was in winter, so we saw heavy snow that would affect perception where as in this game we appear to be in summer.  You get those hazy days and fogs that can hurt your visibility and dissallow you from seeing a threat, or even blinded by the sun.

I was amazed when i heard the sounds of the whip-poor-will, a bird common to that area in early morning times and late nights.  The audio is just as crisp as the graphics are.  The voice acting is on point, even dialouge from random NPC’s yelling to eachother are clear and crisp.

The gameplay is very similar to the first division.  You have tro utalize cover in order to survive.  The ability to run from one section of cover to the next has not changed.  If you playued the first, you will have no issues here.  I do find sometimes that i get stuck in cover when i want to pull away a lot.The Theature

The weapons seem to pack more of a punch and their are a wide array of weapons available.  You have the standard two main weapons and a sidearm, however you have to unlock your second weapon by unlocking perks which i will get to in a moment.  One thing i do not like about the weapons is that they took away overall DPS as a category.  Now you just see how much damage a weapon dopes, the rate of fire, magazine size, strability and accuracy.  I liked knowing what weapon did more DPS then the next.  The inly option you have is to see a weapons damage normalization for PVP.

You no longer have the seperate tech trees like in division one, but as you progress on the main story mission, you unlock skill points.  These points allow you tro unlock division tech to aid you in the game.  Each skill has a few varients you can unlock using SHD Tech points.  These you ghain on missions, plus you find SHD caches in the world.  These points are also used to unlock perks in the game.


Perks help increase a few things for your character such as the capacity to hold more grendades, armor kits, increase storage size of both your stash and backpack.  Each perk has multiple levels to unlock and require more SHD tech points to open.  Some of these perks are locked at level 30.


Weapon Mods have taken a change.  Most appear to be generic, but each mod now gives you a bonus, and a hinderence.  You have to be careful when making a build to consider or counteract the hinderences when modding your weapon now.


They have the classic Dark Zone in the game but now there are multiple zones each with different level caps.  So as you proghress in the story you can frequent these zones and find yoru loot.  You have to watch out for Rouge Agents as trhey may wantr to steal all your precious ghear.  You gain Dark Zone levels which you can use to gain Dark Zone perks that are only active in those zones.


They have added a 4v4 PVP option they call Conflict as well where you can face another group on two maps for seperemecy.  This is a simple game, most kills in the time wins though your team only gets a certain amount of revives.  Once they are done, your not coming back and your team will lose the match.


Overall I am enjoying the game and excited to continue the storyline.  They have end game raids where you go in and try and take over different gang strongholds, like the Capitol Building.  I have not made it this far yet, though once I do I will be sure to bring you the content.  This game is a must for those who loved the first division aand enjoy cover based combat.

For live gameplay check me out on twitch, I will be streaming the game for the next month or so.  Follow my blog and my channel for updates – Chivashon of Game of the Month!


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