For my first horror game, Close to the Sun brings an air of mystery, anxiety and horror done well in this alternate 19th century themed story.  You fine yourself as Rose, a reporter whose physicist sister has been invited on the Helios, a ship of scientists developed and run by Nikola Tesla.  This ship was designed to bring all the greatest minds together to work in secrete and share their ideas.  Though when Rose gets a strange letter to come to the Helios, things take a turn for the worse.


I am still making my way through the Helios, though I have been through enough to say the game has been very enjoyable.  The graphics are very crisp and clear.  It has the 19th century vibe with a near steampunk style to it.  Since the ship is designed by Nikola Tesla, you see many of his ideas used in the ship from Tesla Coils, to his Death ray.  There is even a part you go through a museum of his inventions in this alternate timeline.  The ship was designed for luxury and science, and you get that feel as you explore the remnants of the ship.

As a good horror game, you get that sense of anxiety and isolation through most of the trip.  You do make what appear to be friends, though the only communication you get is through a small microphone given to you by your sister with the letter.  The sense of isolation gives that pit in your stomach as you explore the unknown vessel of science.  This feel really gets to you as when even the smallest sound occurs, say the sudden sound of a blown light, you may jump out of your seat.  I did.

Coined a horror game, there is also mystery to be had here, mainly what happened on the Helios.  You wander the decks finding clues about what happened to the crew and all its occupants.  Each chapter has collections you can find in order to learn the whole story of what kind of happenings were going on.  You learn about different passengers that are on the ship, even some from our own history.  Nikola Tesla himself may even make an appearance, at least over the ships loudspeaker from time to time.


This is solely a single player game with the ability to save your progress over time and if you choose to replay any chapter you complete, you can simply jump back to a chapter and replay it.  This is good if you have missed any collectables in a certain chapter.  You can keep track of how many collectables are available in the tab menu.

You wander in a first person view with the ability to zoom into areas for closer look and the ability to sprint, because you never know when you may have to run away!  No real combat or items here this is solely solving mysteries and when needed, running from any danger.  You need to outwit danger and avoid it when it appears, and it will.

I am unsure how many chapters are in the game, at the time of this review I made it to chapter five, and I have to say I am enjoying this title a lot. I do not want to give to many specifics here as the game is played best if you experience the game yourself.   I do not play many horror, mystery type games so I can not compare it to its competition, but I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the genre of game.

For live gameplay, please join me on my Twitch channel!  Click here to join my channel!

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