This week we finally get Harry Potter Wizards Unite launching everywhere here in the US and UK. Niantic has done it again with their next game following the success of Pokemon Go and I have to say I have been having some fun playing this game. I went out for my first time today really giving the game a good run on my day off and wanted to share what I have learned and to give you all a breakdown of how this title works. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The story for the game states that someone has stolen memories, people, creatures and artifacs that are appearing in the muggle world. This magic almost seems alive and you now battle against the confoundables. This unknown magic protects these items as they appear in the muggle world. The fear is that muggles will learn magic exists and its up to you to free these items known as foundables to keep the magic world hidden. Their are ten categories of foundables that you have to collect ranging from Care of Magical Creatures to Oddities. As you capture the foundables they are added to the Ministry of Magics registery. Some of these foundables are broken down into Fragments, so you will have to find each fragment to complete the Foundable image.

The Ministry of Magics Registry

Now you must go out into the world and find the Foundables. As you venture out you will see icons representing the ten categories in the registry. Click on them and then you start to use your magic to free the Foundable. Along with the foundables you will have access to Inns, Fortreses and Greehouses. Like Pokemon Go and Ingress, the location of these buildigs are geograhical loctions like parks, churches, business etc.

When you click on a Foundable, t will reveal itself, then you must cast a spell to free it. The spellcasting is about tracing the disgram on the screen. Tracing requires speed and accuracy. The faster and more accurate you trace, the better the chance you free the Foundble. It may take you a few tries to free the Foundable, but if you fail to many times the Confoundable magics can wisk the Foundable away and you will lose the chance to collect it.

A poor student was trasnfigured. We must reverse the spell!

You have the ability to use potions to increase the chances to capture the Foundable. When you enter an encounter, you will be told the difficulty. If the difficulty is to high, you can use some potions to lower it. Their are many different levels of potions you can find and brew to give you a good advantge. Brewing potions requires the proper inredients which you can find in th world or purchase with coins you earn or can purchase from the store. You can brew up to four potions which take time to make. After level nine, you can rent a second cauldron to brew more potions faster.

Every wizard must know how to brew a good potion.

Along with collecting Foundables, you have to worry about your spell energy. Every encounter will take some spell energy away from you. You can purchase more energy with coins or you csn visit Inn’s in your neighborhood, The Inn serves two purposes. The main purpose is to feed you and provied you replacement spell energy.

Doesnt it look good?

Along with feeding you, the Inns allow you to use Dark Detectors. These decectors cn be bought in the store and they are given as rewards periodically when you gain levels. They increase the sppearance of foundables around the Inn and you can install up to three detectors at a time which will draw more difficult and rare foundables to the area.

Dark Detectors look creepy.

Another area you can visit are Greenhouses. These are areas you can gather ingredients for brewing. Along with that, you can collect seeds and water in the world and grow plants. These plants grow over time and what ever plant you choose to grow will appear at that greenhouse more often. Others can sacrifice spell energy to increase the production of the planted seeds.

The most fun part of the game in my opinion are Fortesses. As you collect Foundables you gain ranks in each category from the Registry. You are rewarded stones in coresponding levels. You can use these stones in Fotresses to battle dark forces and gsther rare Foundables not seen in the world. Their are five different difficulty levels in the Fortress and you have to complete each level to unlock the higher ones. Each stone also has a rank that you use to gain more experience and rare Foundables. You can have up to five other wizards joiing you and you have to battle all the listed monsters or drk wizards within five minutes. If you can do this, you gain the rewards corresponding to your stone.

Now after level six you can choose a profession. Their are three, Auror, Magizoologist, and a Professor. Each profession has a tree where you train to increase your stamina, magic power, and gain special spells to use in the Fortress. Each profession has a benefit against certain encounters. Aurors get benefit when facing Dark Wizards, Magizoologist gain benefits against magical creatures, and Professors gain benefitd against Oddities. You can switch your profession and work on all three of them at anytime, but you can only have one active during an encounter. You increase your profession powers with scrolls and books. Scrolls are rewards as you rank up your ministry ranks and books you gain as you beat challanges in the Fortress.

Once your ready to battle in the Fortress you have to aim your wand on a target then trace the attack spell to do damage to your oponent. You have the chance of doing critical damage and your critical chances can be incresed as you spend points in your profession. You have your own stamina bar and if its depeleted you lose the challange. You can brew and use healing potions to keep yourself alive in battle. When the enemy attacks you can use a Protego spell to reduce damage. The strength of Protego can also be increases in your professions tree. Once you defeat the enemies on the floor you complete the challange and collect your reward.

You will also find portkeys in the world. These have to be unlocked with gold and silver keys you gain as rewards by gaining levels, or you cn purchase keys in the store. These are akin to eggs in Pokemon go as when you enter the key, you have to walk a certain distancr to unlock the Portkey. Once unlocked you are wisked sway to a VR world to s scene from Harry Potter. Here you have to use the camers to look around for Wrackspurts to gain bonus XP, items, Foundables and ingredients. Higher level Portkeys garner better items.

These are th ridumentary basics that is Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Their is a friends list you can add people to and you have the ability to choose your own avatar, wand, and house. These are all cospetic nd just for fun and do not affect the game to date. The avatar option gives you some Snapchst abiltieis and filters. You unlock more as you gain levels. I of course had to go full deatheater cause why the heck not. I am enjoying the game a lot and hope it garners as much success as Pokemon Go did. If you are a fan of Harry Potter I suggest you pick the game up as it is very enjoyable.

Rar im a Deatheater!

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