Hello viewers and streamers! Welcome again to Game of the Month. I am Frank aka Chivashon and I decided to not only do game reviews here but document my journey as a streamer and share thoughts and successes giving updates here and who knows, maybe it will help others find ways to move forward with there careers and maybe get to know me better. I always want to try and improve my streams so reflecting on where I am at from time to time I believe can help in the long run.

Twitch Sings Highlight from July

I started streaming in January, decided on a theme for my channel, Game of the Month. The idea is to play new games, recent releases, so people have a chance to come in, see new games they may be curious about, ask questions, and maybe find people to play with. Before i started streaming, I used to do this, go into streams to preview games and ask questions. Most of the time, the streamer either had such a heavy chat questions would be lost, or I just got ignored. I am trying to change this hence the theme of the channel.

Clip from The Sinking City!

I figure if i can create this platform, its something I can do more full time years from now when im really old and it’s time to retire. I am here to have fun and meet new people, but I won’t lie, i would eventually want to have streaming help supplement some income in the future. I pay attention to my analytics and use them to make attainable goals in stream. Anyone who wants to take this seriously should. There are a few analytics i keep an eye on:

Average Viewers

Average viewers is important. We all know its a major component to becoming partnered, though I honestly if I ever make it, cool deal, though its not important now. I watch it as a form of growth. Right now overall im at a steady 7. I have not really grown past this point in 7 months, so I feel I have hit a wall and need to find ways to draw in more people and increase this average. The theme of my channel can affect this since I may play a new game only a small amount of people are looking forward to, or I may play a game everyone wants to see. Right now I honestly do not know what to do at this point, but more importantly I know I have to break this ceiling.

Max Viewers

Like average viewers I like to keep track of the max. 15 is my average since I started so when I stream I pay attention to how many people are around and what times I see spikes in viewership. Now, this stat includes raids/hosts which do not count towards partnership. Right now I do not worry about this. If i geet hosts or raids I do see a few new follows so those people do eventually come back and check me out again which helps with the average.

New Follows

I take an average of how many follows I get a month which is about 2 per stream, so knowing this and knowing how manyu times a week I stream this helps me figure out my next months goal. I do 3 streams a week on average so I always look to gain 25-30 new followers. I consider that I will lose a few a month top help pad this.

Goals are good and looking at your analytics can help you figure out your next moves. So for me its viewers, I want to get that average up. I want to have more people in streams that stay longer and enjoy there time. Subs come naturally and to date I have 11 active with a few who resub monthly.

July was a great month with 59 new followers, and lots of bit donations. I met my sub goal as well which i make very modest. I aim to keep the sub i have happy, and figure near 10 percent of my total followers and add to the base. So next month, im hoping for 15. 4 new, and 11 resubs.

As viewers increase I figure sub counts will increase as those who enjoy me, who enjoy my content will find the time to support. So writing this and looking at my stats I know I need to get the average up. If anyone has any ideas or wants to share what they did to increase their average please share. I am sure others would benefit from this as well. I hope you enjoyed my update. Feel free to leave a comment and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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