Good evening everyone, Chivashon here of Game of the Month bringing you a review of the last game I played Wolfenstein Youngblood. When i first started the game I was excited to play it. It has been a long time since I played any Wolfenstein game and it was fun to start but honestly I lost interest in it very early on. It felt a little repetitive and I found myself playing it less and less. The game had some interesting features though and a decent storyline of sisterhood bound in slaying Nazi’s.

As most know, the game is set in an alternate world where the Nazis did not lose the War and have taken over most of Europe. You play the daughters of B. J Blazkowicz, the major hero in the Wolfenstein games who killed Hitler and helped free most of the world from Nazi control. As the sisters grew up, they were taught how to survive like there parents, hunting, fighting, and shooting. Something happens, though, there father goes missing. The two find themselves stealing an FBI helicopter and track him to Nazi controlled France where they team up with the Paris resistance in order to locate there lost father.

The Rebel Base

This game is unique as you can play co-op with a friend who playes your sister. If you do not have another to play with, your sister is still present and played as an NPC. She still shoots and helps, you can even target enemies for her to shoot. There are times you need your sister to help you open doors and other two person tasks.

Also the Rebel Base

Now the game has a level based system. As you grow you gain points to spend in abilities to help you survive the Nazi regime. You can increase your health, shields, purchase special maneuvers like duel wielding or running smash attacks against your enemies. Each skill costs points you gain as you level up in the world so you may need to save some points for better skills later in the game.

Choosing your Abilities

Another unique aspect to the game is you and your sister share up to three lives. If you let your sister die you both lose one. You can avoid this as if you are downed you have a certain amount to time to revive each other. If you do in time you do not lose the life. If you fail you revive yourself but lose one. You can replenish your lives buy finding special boxes in most maps and the main hideout.

Sister help me!
Extra Life Box.

Your weapons also can be modified using money you find in the world and by completing missions. Each weapon has three categories of upgrades and you can specialize in one category to gain an overall bonus to the weapon. You also gain levels when you use a weapon more often to gain additional perks.

Awesome Shotty

Manage your ammo, because sometimes it can become scarce. You can unlock perks to pick up more ammo, but some weapons are better against certain enemies. You will see a bar above some enemies heads. Each weapon has a similar bar, if you match them you will be able to do more damage to that particular enemy. This is very important for bosses and harder enemies. Some enemies do not have such bar’s so any weapon will do here.

Shhh they don’t know I am here!

You and your sister both have an ability that aids the both of you called a pep. Their are a few to choose from, but they can be activated only when your close together. One pep increases both of your shields, one also does health and there are a few more to choose from Each of you can take one and use after a cooldown period to keep you both in the battle.

Love the Pep Sis!

The zones of the game are connected by the metro. You have to discover the metro in order to be able to travel to that area. These zones are fixed so as you do main and side missions, you will travel to each of these zones multiple times. The same enemies will appear and remains much unchanged. This is the part I did not like personally. I felt going to the same places over and over got dull quickly for my personal tastes.

The Metro Map

The combat though is fun and fast. You can run up to enemies, even go into stealth modes thanks to these super suits you gain. You can play either slow and stealthy or hard and fast. Running up to enemies and using the melee option can cause interesting insta kills as you move to the next piece of Nazi scum.

Big Robot Goes BOOM!

The best part about the game is the cut scenes and how they portray the personality of the sisters in them. They really gave each of them a real personality little jovial mixed with some determination given to them by their parents. Watching these scenes as they fool around in the middle of Nazi base camps makes you laugh times, so this part of the story was very well written.

There is a cosmetic part of the game where you can purchase different skins with either in game coins or you can purchase bars in game to use for unlocks. There has been some controversy over this and I personally never paid any additional money to their online store, but the option is there.

How do I Look?

Overall it is a decent game, though for me it started to get a little to repetitive. It is great if you have a friend to play with. At one point, they added the original Wolfenstein into an arcade game so that made me very happy! I may have played original Wolfenstein more than the actual game. Hope you enjoyed this brief review, I did not want to give away any spoilers here. If you want to see some live gameplay I switched over to Mixer! Come see me

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