Good afternoon everyone! Chivashon here sharing more about my streaming adventures. I use this blog kid of as a diary of my gaming and streaming life for myself and perhaps help guide others who are making their way into online streaming.

Over the last thirty days I have made a big switch, I moved over to Mixer. Many I know from Twitch have done the same and I have to rebuild myself on a new platform. I thank those who have come over from Twitch to help support me on Mixer, it means more than I can express. Now why did I make the change? It is in partial to the Ninja move. Yes, many say those who switched are following him, but it is not Ninja that brought me, it is the attention Mixer will get from this.

Mixer out of the top four streaming platforms is the lowest. Twitch leads, followed by Youtube, Facebook Gaming then Mixer. Now the share between Mixer and Facebook is small, but I feel this will be the ground floor to get into a growing system. Microsoft paid a lot of money to gamble on Ninja being the face of the platform, which tells me they are hungry to grow their product into something grand. I believe Mixer hopes those who follow Ninja, which are mostly kids, will want to get into streaming themselves and choose Mixer as their platform of choice. Online streaming ane Esports are garnering more attention every year. Hell my own company sponsors an Esports team with over 40k followers on their channel! I work for an Insurance Company!

Now let’s talk Mixer a bit. Clipping is coming all and soon all streamers will be able to monetize their channels. I believe once monetization comes to all, we will see more people streaming on the platform. We talk about community a lot here in the streaming community, but the ability to make a living will be very enticing to a majority to the people out there.

Now I have seen about the same average viewership on Mixer with a small rise in followers since my switch. Though with the theme of my channel playing more unpopular games that can be randomized each month, the amount of total views has been smaller and I know i could be at a disadvantage here. Regardless, with the Mixer changes coming I believe this platform can be a top notch competitor. Mixiplay is one of the best interactive options I have seen and i see so much potential with it. Co-streaming options and the chat works so much better than Twitch. I hope the Mixer switch will prove to be a worthwhile change.

The Sparks system that rewards viewers for watching makes it fun for both as they can spend there sparks for hype in the channel and to show appreciation for the streamer. Levels in chat help people see who are the real supporters and real fans of any given channel. So many positive options and again all my words here just showing how Mixer will be a future competitor here.

Now none of my words on Mixer are to really promote it in anyway. These are just my thoughts of the platform since I have had a good solid month giving it a try and perhaps there are a few of you out there looking for a change. If you have questions, send me a message or stop by the channel. Thank you everyone and I hope your holiday weekend was awesome.

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